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Jenny Truong

Jenny Truong

Developer Relations @ Stately


Jenny is a lover of donuts and the lead of operations, as well as developer relations at Stately. She currently resides in Orlando and finds joy in helping others by sharing her knowledge on state management and other collaborative tools. Prior to her work in tech, Jenny worked as a cosmetologist.

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The Unexpected States of Burnout

How easy is it to accidentally transition from being productive to burning out? In this talk, we'll be exploring the unexpected states of burnout: how burnout can manifest, and how it can impact our lives in unexpected ways. I'll also share some tips for managing burnout and preventing it from taking over our lives, drawing from experience working in a highly-productive startup. We tend to think in the moment in life - I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm burnt out. But we sometimes fail to think about the transitions between the states - how did I become tired, burnt out, and how do I transition to a better state? Then, how do I avoid taking the transitions back to states I don't want to be in? Thinking in terms of states and transitions is a useful mental model not only for software development, but for understanding yourself and having better control of your life.