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Jenny Truong

Head of Operations and Developer Relations, Stately.ai

Speaker Bio

Jenny Truong is the Head of Operations and Developer Relations at Stately.ai. Jenny also dedicates her time to co-organizing Orlando JS meetups, and is a passionate advocate for her community, imparting valuable insights on mental awareness, state machines, and various collaborative tools. When she's not engaging with users or gracing the stage, you can spot Jenny at your favorite local donut shop, savoring the simple joys of life!

Talk Information

A Journey Inside the Developer Brain

How do you get into the zone while coding? Why does taking a walk or taking a shower seem to help solve problems? Everything we do is regulated by complex processes in the brain, and coding is no exception. Sometimes it can feel difficult to control our minds when coding, but to debug the problem we’ll first need to understand it. This talk will dive into the basic neurological processes and psychological behaviors involved with learning and writing code. By understanding the physiological processes involved in the work we do, we can be more in touch with our bodies and more productive as a result.