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Conference in

April 19-20, 2024 | Miami, Florida

Event Details


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Expert Speakers

Discover the latest in React straight from industry leaders.

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Mini Masterclasses

Develop new skills to bring back to your projects with hands-on workshops.

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Next-level Networking

Meaningfully connect with React developers through unique Miami events.

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Take away exactly what you're searching for with an attendee-driven Unconference.

Schedule Preview

A drop of what's to come...

Day 0: Thursday, April 18

Opening Party & eMerge Americas

Arrive early to attend eMerge Americas and join us in the evening for the React Miami Opening Party.

Grab a cafecito and enjoy beautiful Miami
Attend eMerge Americas expo and world famous keynotes
Join the React Miami Talent Show and Opening Party

Day 1: Friday, April 19

React Miami Conference Talks

Conference talks presented on stage at the Miami Beach Convention Center alongside eMerge Americas.

Officially kick off React Miami 2024
Hear expert speakers share knowledge in React
Dance the night away at our Afterparty

Day 2: Saturday, April 20

Mini Masterclasses & Unconference

Interactive workshops, conversations, or activities, and attendee-driven Unconference at our offsite venue.

Jump into a Developer Health activity
Engage in Mini Masterclasses and Unconference
Explore Miami or gather for evening networking


The conference that's
hotter than Miami in the Summer

You don’t understand what a phenomenal experience this whole conference was. I kept waiting for something to go wrong but it just didn’t. Guaranteed to go back next time, speaking or not.

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Sunil Pai

I'm exhausted but @ReactMiamiConf was an incredible time!

I'm happy with the talk I gave, it was dope meeting twitter friends in real life

It was nice take the scholarship recipients out to lunch

Beach volleyball had a great turn out

And I met tons of new peeps

A man with a beard and a black shirt
Will Johnson

I'm stoked to be speaking at @ReactMiamiConf this week! This is one of the best conferences I've been to and I'm thrilled I was able to make it work again this year.

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Kent C. Dodds

I’m going to Miami.

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Lionel Messi

I’m super stoked to be attending the much-anticipated #ReactMiami conference this April! 🌴 Can’t wait to dive back into #ReactJS while connecting with like-minded enthusiasts and share some unforgettable moments. See you all there! 🚀

#ReactConf2023 @ReactMiamiConf

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Aquila Strother

Thank you @ReactMiamiConf and @eMergeAmericas for awesome memories ✨. I made new friends, met local tech engineers/entrepreneurs, twitter JS celebrities, learned a lot and am inspired ⚡️ #MiamiTechWeek

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I'm going to take my talents to South Beach.

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LeBron James

I used to watch @kentcdodds’s videos on YouTube when I was in college & I can’t believe I got to speak on the same stage as him

Thank you @ReactMiamiConf 💕🌴

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Camila Ramos

Loved meeting @acemarke at #ReactMiami, grateful to meet the giants whose shoulders I’m standing on every day while shipping code for Rivet 🙏 Can’t wait to see what you build at @replayio and thank you for all you’ve done for the community!

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Louis Gelinas

Miami feels like it's got one of the friendliest, most inclusive tech communities I've come across so far. They're doing some crazy awesome stuff down here. So lucky to be here for @ReactMiamiConf and #MiamiTechWeek!

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Amanda McDermott

My new standard for conferences


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Alvin Bryan

Wowowow what a great event!!! Loved every bit of @ReactMiamiConf 🥰 🏝☀️

Huge thank you to the organizers and everyone who made this possible!!

Thank you for having me ✌️ see y’all at the after party

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Una Kravets

I attended the React Miami Conference as a new web developer and was grateful to find a welcoming community of professionals. Thanks to their support and guidance, I felt right at home. 🫶🏾

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Kiyanna Gayle

@ReactMiamiConf you were INCREDIBLE. When I first started, i thought id have to travel across the country to attend a conference of this caliber. Thankfully @MichelleBakels and everyone involved have brought it home to ☀️ #southflorida thank you!

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Christian Wilson