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Editor of Latent Space, Founder, Smol

Speaker Bio

swyx is Editor of Latent.Space and Founder of the Smol AI Company. He has helped Developer Tools cross the chasm at AWS, Two Sigma, and three devtool unicorns - Netlify, Temporal, and most recently as Airbyte.

He has started and run communities for hundreds of thousands of developers, like Svelte Society, /r/reactjs, and the React TypeScript Cheatsheet. While Latent Space covers the Rise of the AI Engineer, his personal blog (https://www.swyx.io/ideas) covers Tech, Careers, and Indie Hacking, and his nontechnical writing was published in the Coding Career Handbook for developers going from Junior to Senior.

Talk Information

AI Engineering for JS Developers

Build 5 small projects covering GPT API Basics, Prompt Tooling and Memory , Code Generation with GPT4, Image Generation with Dall-E, Stability AI, Lexica, and Midjourney, Speech-to-Text with Whisper!