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Michal Srb

Software Engineer, Convex

Speaker Bio

Michal is a full-stack and DevX engineer at Convex. Back in 2013 he might have built the world’s first mobile UI using React, at Facebook. There he has also worked on arguably the most complex React app in the world, and then went on to build 3 new products from scratch using React and React Native. Known for being impatient, he’s now on a mission to help Convex extend the best-in-class DevX of React all the way to the backend. He hails from Prague in the Czech Republic.

Talk Information

Supercharge Your Full-stack App with a Reactive Database

If you suffer from: Writing SQL to express your product logic, trying to remember esoteric authorization DSLs, fighting your frontend cache, fighting your backend cache, slow backend deployments, inconsistent or stale UI state, lack of end-to-end type safety, lack of transactional guarantees, low database write throughput, database cold starts or unpredictable database read performance - then tune in to this virtual workshop and let me show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

Register for this virtual workshop here: https://streamyard.com/watch/7YW2ru6RgvTR