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Carter Rabasa

Head of Developer Relations, DataStax

Speaker Bio

Carter leads the Developer Relations team at DataStax. In his free time he organizes the SeattleJS meetup, the CascadiaJS conference, and is a geek dad to two great kids and a labradoodle named Otto.

Talk Information

Taylor Swift and the Democratization of AI for Developers

Once upon a time, you had to be a huge company with the resources of Amazon or Netflix to use machine learning to build recommendation engines and other smart experiences. But now with the advent of OpenAI, vector databases and tools like Vercel's AI SDK, all web developers have access to the building blocks to create these experiences. 

In this talk we're going to dive into the making of SwiftieGPT, a chatbot that knows everything about Taylor Swift, and talk about how it's built, what RAG is, and how developers can use these concepts and tools to create amazing new experiences.