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David Khourshid

Founder, Stately.ai

Speaker Bio

David Khourshid is a software engineer who loves playing piano and is passionate about animations, state machines, cutting-edge user interfaces, and open-source. Previously at Microsoft, he is now the founder of Stately.ai, a startup focused on making even the most complex application logic visual and accessible to developers and non-developers alike.

Talk Information


React has quite the history. From React.createComponent to server components, React has evolved to be a mainstay in web development. But let's be honest, there's many un-use-ual things about React. Join Jenny and David as they revisit React's lifecycle from being a sprinkle of interactivity to wanting to be its own language, with plenty of puns, nostalgia, attempted pair programming, and a peek into the future of our favorite not-a-framework.