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Keith Kurak

Developer Success Engineer, Expo

Speaker Bio

Keith is a Developer Success Engineer at Expo, helping fellow mobile developers build amazing React Native apps in record time. From the time he made a Dragon Quest knockoff on his TI-83 during study hall in high school, he can't remember not being interested in building for the small screen. When he's not slinging JavaScript, you might find Keith zipping through busy Cleveland streets on his bicycle, building a computer case out of Lego, or in the kitchen breaking new ground in the field of alternative omelette fillings.

Talk Information

Web, Mobile, and API, All Together: Universal Full Stack Apps in Expo Router

Universal React apps for iOS, Android, and Web help developers quickly reach everywhere their users are, but getting navigation just right on all platforms has historically been a challenge without splitting your codebase. Web routing is powerful, expressive, and easy to set up, while mobile routing takes a fair amount of manual tuning. Enter Expo Router, the first file system-based router for universal React apps. Your folder and file structure represents your app navigation and optionally even your backend API. Dynamic routes let you pattern match multiple routes to a single page, creating expressive nested URL’s that also automatically work as deep links on mobile. Let's explore what it's like to make a universal full stack app with Expo Router.