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Una Kravets

Staff Developer Relations Engineer, Google

Speaker Bio

Una works on making the web platform a more stylish place through native CSS and HTML features. She leads the Web UI Developer Relations Team at Google Chrome and is a member of the CSSWG and Open UI community group. Outside of work, Una is a crafter, making candles, calligraphy, and most recently, learning to sew. Una has a passion for making it easy to build customizable, accessible interfaces that are performant and easy to maintain. She's hoping to spread the UI love at this event!

Talk Information

Less Cruft, More Power: Leverage the Power of the Web Platform

The web platform has evolved massively in the past few years. In this talk, learn how to take advantage of new and existing features in your React app to lessen your script payload and overall state management. Learn about upcoming features like view transitions, CSS-only scroll-driven animations, native stateful popovers, as well as new primitives like nesting that could significantly reduce file size. Una will highlight practical UI examples in a React context and show how leveraging the power of modern JS, CSS, and HTML can reduce developer overhead while making your components more flexible.