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Angie Jones

Head of Developer Relations, TBD

Speaker Bio

Angie Jones is the Head of Developer Relations for TBD, Block’s new business unit focused on decentralized technologies. She is an award-winning teacher and international keynote speaker who shares her wealth of knowledge at software companies and conferences all over the world. 

As a Master Inventor, Angie is known for her innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style which has resulted in 27 patented inventions in the areas of metaverses, collaboration software, social networking, smarter planet, and software development processes.

Talk Information

How I Bought Booze with a JSON Web Token

In recent years, we've seen the prevalence of delivery apps that are ready and willing to bring whatever you need right to your doorstep - whether that be food, groceries, or even alcohol. 

However, in the case of the latter, verifying one's age for alcohol purchases poses an interesting challenge. Traditional methods, like presenting a physical ID, are not feasible for online transactions. And sharing complete personal details like date of birth online can compromise privacy.

What if you could share a special JSON Web Token (JWT) to digitally prove to both the vendor and the delivery company that you're of legal drinking age. This is possible with Verifiable Credentials (VC)!

Adhering to W3C open standards, VCs offer a streamlined, privacy-centric method to digitally verify just about any qualification including identity,  employment, education, residency, and so much more! 

Join Angie Jones and Rizèl Scarlett for a practical demonstration of creating and sharing tamper-resistant digital credentials in the form of JWTs. Learn how these credentials not only enhance efficiency but also uphold privacy in online transactions.