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Brooke Jamieson

Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

Speaker Bio

Brooke, an Australian mathematician and ML specialist living in NYC, works as a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. With a background in Mathematics and Data Engineering, Brooke excels in creating and implementing intelligent cloud-based solutions. Their focus is on making AI/ML technologies understandable and usable for those not specialized in data, bridging the gap between complex tech and practical application.

Outside of work, Brooke is an engaging speaker at both local and international tech events and a guest lecturer at various Australian universities. Passionate about inclusivity in tech, Brooke actively supports STEM opportunities for young people in regional areas and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Talk Information

Tall Poppy Syndrome: How to Succeed in Tech Without Being Cut Down

Discover how to thrive in the tech industry without dimming your shine in 'Tall Poppy Syndrome: How to Succeed in Tech Without Being Cut Down.' As an Australian tech expert, Brooke delves into navigating Tall Poppy Syndrome, contrasting it with imposter syndrome and distinguishing it from arrogance. This talk offers practical strategies for confidently showcasing your accomplishments without fear of backlash. Perfect for tech professionals at any level, this session will empower you to not only celebrate your own successes but also inspire others to do the same. Leave equipped with insights to foster a culture where standing tall and shining bright is celebrated, not shunned.