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Mark Erikson

Mark Erikson

Senior Front-End Engineer @


Mark Erikson is a Senior Front-End Engineer at Replay, and lives in southwest Ohio, USA. Mark is a Redux maintainer, creator of Redux Toolkit, and general keeper of the Redux docs. He tweets at @acemarke, and blogs at He spends much of his time answering questions about React and Redux anywhere there's a comment box on the internet, and usually hangs out in the Reactiflux chat channels.

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Modern Redux with Redux Toolkit

Redux is the most widely used state management library with React apps and helps make app logic predictable, but it's always had a reputation for "boilerplate" and complexity. What if there was a better way to write Redux logic, without that boilerplate? That's why the Redux team created Redux Toolkit (RTK), which simplifies Redux development and provides tools for standard Redux usage, and makes "modern Redux" much easier to learn and use. In this talk, we'll look at the history behind Redux Toolkit and the problems it solves, the APIs included in RTK and how they help with common use cases, and tips for using RTK effectively with TypeScript and data fetching.