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chantastic is a software engineer and community leader with a passion for education. As the host of React Podcast, he has shared insights from open source luminaries and engineer-creators. His curious and engaging style has helped aspiring engineers learn React. He’s now helping teams build high quality UIs with Storybook and Epic React.

Talk Information

How I Test a Million UI States with Every Merge — Visual Testing with Storybook

Error state, loading state, awkward breakpoint, bad data, poor formatting, browser support. Every component can result represent hundreds or thousands of discrete visual states. How do you test it? Manually disable the network — temporarily. Insert bad code — just for a minute. Paw at the edge of your screen. Hack local database fixtures to bits. Frontend development has so many dimensions. Time and variation result in an infinite number of UI possibilities. In this talk, we'll use Storybook to progressively develop, test, and document our work — automating the grunt work of UI development.