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Darius Cepulis

Sr. Developer Community Engineer, Mux

Speaker Bio

Darius builds websites 'n stuff for Mux. He loves talking animation curves with the designers and shipping on Friday afternoons. He bought into Server Components dangerously early.

Talk Information

Living with Server Components After the Honeymoon

About a year ago, we migrated our whole marketing site and docs site to Server Components and I live with that decision every day. So you could say I have some opinions on how it’s going! I would like to talk about that a bit: how migrating went, whether performance is still ok, whether maintaining the components has been going well, whether it’s been worth it.

We’ll use these observations as a launching point to talk about the patterns that have proven the most invaluable in keeping everything running smoothly. This talk will arm attendees with the information they need to decide for themselves whether they should migrate to React Server Components.