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Matheus Albuquerque

Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End, Medallia

Speaker Bio

Matheus is a Sr. Front-End Engineer at Medallia, building their surveys platform and helping them shape the customer experience market with React, and a Google Developer Expert in Web Performance.

His areas of interest include React and its ecosystem, JS and compile-to-JS languages, DX, and perceived performance optimization. Aside from public speaking about these, he also volunteers at TechLabs, teaching front-end development.

Talk Information

A Decade: React’s Rhapsody of Life

Join me in celebrating the decade-long journey of React, a framework that has revolutionized front-end development.

From its humble beginnings to becoming a beloved JavaScript tool, React's innovative impact on web and native interfaces is unparalleled. Despite all the initial skepticism, it has indeed become one of our favorite frameworks.

In this session, I'll explore React's past, present, and future, showcasing its transformative influence and anticipating exciting innovations to come.

Let's embrace a decade of React and the endless possibilities it holds!