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Anthony Shew

Anthony Shew

Content Engineer @ Vercel


Hi! I'm Anthony. I'm an engineer with about 6 years of experience in engineering and 4 years of experience playing pro sports. Every day when I program, I use mental tooling from being an athlete to stay focused, efficient, and healthy in my process. I think about the relationship between these life experiences constantly and would love to get to share this perspective.

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On-demand Flow State: A Framework for Mental Performance

This is not a pep talk, motivational speech, nor a meeting with a mental health professional. You'll walk away from here with tooling to make your development habits more reliable, more stable, and more fruitful. We'll visit tools like The Rubber Deck Method, Two Minutes of Stillness, The Sticky Note, and Routine Development, all methodology that I got to learn while playing professional sports. We will learn to grow, fail, and succeed together.