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Rashmi Nagpal

Rashmi Nagpal

Software Engineer @ Cactus Communications


Rashmi is a Software Engineer at Cactus with a passion for building products in AI/ML. In her almost 4 years career in tech, she’s brought products to life at pre-seed startups, scaled teams and software at hypergrowth unicorns, and shipped redesigns and features used by millions at established giants. When she's not coding, capturing cosmos using her telescope, or playing board games with friends, you can find Rashmi playing with fluffy - her maltese breed pet dog!

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Build Your Machine Learning Model on Edge with React Native

Have you ever wondered if we can really build machine learning models in Javascript, rather than in the mainstream languages like Python or R? Afterall, Javascript is the most used language by the developers, according to a 2019 survey by Stack Overflow. Well, this sounds like a crazy idea, because javascript is not designed for high performance computing and neural networks are compute-intensive! But, wait a minute - we have libraries in javascript such as Onnx.js, Tensorflow.js to our rescue! In this talk, I’ll be delving deeper into the process of developing machine learning applications using React.