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Michael Liendo

Michael Liendo

Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS


Full-stack developer focused on GraphQL and serverless technologies running on AWS. As a YouTuber, blogger, and speaker, I can usually be found online helping the community, but outside of tech, I like to hangout in VR with my kids or binge the latest Netflix show with my wife.

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Your SaaS forecast: Cloudy with a chance of GraphQL

The modern SaaS tech stack has evolved to the cloud. This fullstack setup is now managed, serverless, and fully-typed. Furthermore, when it comes to having an API that binds the frontend with the backend, companies are choosing GraphQL. In this session, we'll learn about the benefits of using managed services on AWS, and dissect exactly what makes combining NextJS and the AWS CDK so powerful together. By the end, you'll have resources needed so that your next SaaS project can be setup for success on day one.