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June Cho

June Cho

Developer Advocate @ Zeplin


As a developer advocate at Zeplin, June Cho focuses on connecting design to development, and helps teams deliver on the promise of design. With over a decade of experience working closely with developers, technical leaders, and C-suite execs from companies like Tesla, Google, and the NBA, June is passionate about improving alignment between designers and engineering. In his free time, June likes to build computers, watch the Golden State Warriors, and eat cold pizza.

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Data-Driven Design Systems in Practice

Do you know how your design system is used over time? Or which teams and projects use your components, and how to identify usage patterns that can help improve them? Just like how we measure products and features to make improvements, there needs to be a way to measure the impact and usage of a design system so that we can make informed decisions. In this session, June will uncover how Hosh'ki, a Design System Engineer at Optimizely is tackling design system adoption leveraging data using Zeplin's newest product — Omlet, a component analytics tool for devs.