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Rick Blalock

Co-founder @ Fish Rules

Faster and Better UX Helps Ocean Sustainability

This talk focuses on how faster user experience and faster product iterations help fishermen make timely decisions, which directly affects fisheries sustainability. The presentation will cover the problems of fisheries management, how mobile innovation and tech advancement removes the problems, and demonstrate specific examples that make the ocean a better place. Some highlights include: - Why fishing regulations are important - How UX testing on the water with actual anglers was done - How improvements to existing government data made the app faster - The journey from a mobile app built in Titanium to Swift / Kotlin to React Native and how React Native helps a very small company iterate extremely fast. - How we can better improve other industries by having a performance-driven mindset


Rick is an experienced engineer, product leader, and entrepreneur. He's worked at startups in the Valley such as Appcelerator, Pinpoint, worked at IBM, and most recently sold his startup, Fish Rules.

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