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Ashley Huynh

Community Engineer @ Mux

Democratizing Live Video with React

Video is now a cornerstone for information and communication. At the heart of video interaction is the ability to live stream video, which allows for real-time, dynamic experiences that have allowed anyone to be anywhere at any time. The magic of live video touches us in many ways, whether we're entering our 8th Zoom meeting of the day or watching our favorite content creators play cozy games on Twitch. Creating apps with video, however, can feel like a daunting subject for many. Quality video apps involve a lot of considerations like encoding and cross-device compatibility. Adding a live video component on top of that can feel even more overwhelming. In this talk, I will walk through the top seven things you should consider for building a live video app, and show you how to create a simple in-browser live stream using React and Mux Video.


Ashley is a Community Engineer at Mux and a Developer Advocate with the tech conference and org RenderATL. In her current roles, Ashley is focused on building inclusive, equitable, and inviting community experiences and content for developers, as well as maintaining open-source projects and specializing in growing and developing documentation and the information architecture behind it. Previously, Ashley has been a Software Engineer at Mailchimp and worked in back-end infrastructure at Pinterest and data science at Tumblr. In college, she studied Computer Science and Sociology and is also very passionate about intersections of social good in tech and how technology can be adapted and developed to find equitable solutions for an ever-changing social landscape.

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